"Modern Magdeburg"

In honour for the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement

What does the future of a city look like? It definitely has to be colourful and bright, that was the opinion of the “Modern Magdeburg” pioneers. Creative minds like the lord mayor of the city Hermann Beims, the director for urban development Bruno Taut and the artist Carl Krayl had clear visions, how the city should be like and implemented these already in the 20th century.

But what is there right now, after the destruction in World War 2 (90 percent of the city) and the reconstruction?

What you have to see:

  • the town hall, the horse gate and the Albinmüller-tower placed in Rotehornpark
  • the colourful Otto-Richter-Street, for example the “Blitzfassade" on a blue background by Carl Krayl and many more attractions
  • the garden city colony Reform and the “Beimssiedlung”
  • the Hotel Ratswaage, designed by Carl Krayl – here we have a place to sleep for you too


  • The motley Otto-Richter-Straße

  • And it gets even more colorful...

  • The "Lightening Facade" at the Otto-Richter-Straße

  • The Ratswaage Hotel - Bauhaus architecture by Carl Krayl

The tourist information offers the great city tour named „Magdeburg und die Moderne“.  A more individual insight you can get with a special tour by bike (“Links und rechts der Elbe”), which mainly shows the variety of the city’s architecture. There is also the possibility to take a look inside a flat at the “Beimssiedlung”. If you need some more information, please click here.

These Bauhaus architects were really brave guys. Now it is time to visit Magdeburg, or what do you think? 


Save the Date:

Our hotel will be set in scene spectaculary on the 2nd October 2019. The facade will show diverse projections alternating with acting-scenes and suitable music. It is going to be an adventure for the whole family. After nightfall, you are welcome to join the event for free.