Martin Luther - more than 500 years of Reformation

Places of interest

The footsteps of Martin Luther in Magdeburg and Saxony Anhalt

  • The St John’s Church and the monument of Martin Luther at St John’s Church, which was erected by Emil Hundrieser in 1886, acts as a reminder of Luther’s visits to Magdeburg
  • The monastery church, which is now known as the Walloon Church was the place of the first sermon of Luther in Magdeburg.
  • You can see a model of Saint Ulrich's Church, where the first Lutheran service took place. The church was destroyed in the Second World War.
  • The Fürstenwall area with the oldest town gate dates back to the Middle Ages. You can imagine that Luther walked through it every day when he was a student in Magdeburg.
  • In the Magdeburg Cathedral you find the Tetzel Chest. In this box the monk Johannes Tetzel collected money from the sinners who bought their way out of their sins. The money was needed to build the Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome.
  • The exhibition on local history in the Cultural History Museum illustrates Magdeburg as a propaganda centre of the Reformation.

Trips in the surrounding
In our region the reformer left behind an especially strong imprint.

  • Luther’s Parental Home and a new museum about his childhood in Mansfeld-Lutherstadt is 70 kilometers away from Magdeburg.
  • Lutherstadt Wittenberg with Castle Church and St. Mary’s town church you reach after 86 kilometers.
  • Your third excursion can go to Lutherstadt Eisleben, where you find Luther’s Birthplace and his Death house. It takes you approximately 1,5 hours.
  • Martin Luther Memorial in front of the St Johns Church in Magdeburg

  • Inside the St Johns Church in Magdeburg

  • Sculpture of Martin Luther in the St Johns Church in Magdeburg

  • The Castle Church in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

  • The door of the Castle Church with its famous 95 Theses in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

  • The tomb of Martin Luther inside the Castle Church in Lutherstadt Wittenberg